Meeting Up With Lawyer: Tips to Easily Build Trust


Meeting up with your New York criminal attorney for the first time is the moment and time you get to know them and see if they can really help you win your case.

Lawyers are the right professionals to help you find justice for your criminal case. But there are a lot of lawyers in New York city which makes it hard to find someone who appeals most to you. Or someone you can trust with.

That is why you need to make sure you search the best and prospective lawyer, but ever before you ask them to defend for you make sure you get to meet up with them first. This moment is the time where you build rapport with them.

Building rapport is about building trust and connection. When you build that with your prospect lawyer, it gives you the advantage of having the idea whether they are reliable in helping you or should you look for another one instead.

More often than not, rapport usually happens naturally. That’s why here are some tips to make sure you do the right things to build rapport with your New York criminal attorney.

Tips in Building Connection and Trust

Basically, rapport means getting along with your lawyer because of things you both understand and agreed in common. Because of this, communicating becomes more natural, more efficient, and more positive.

Creating a good engagement with them is crucial to building trust. When they trust you, it gives them the impression that they know a part of you and that also makes them willing to help you— no matter what. With that said, it becomes easier for you to open up to them too and to somehow trust their ways in defending you.

Here are some ways you should do during your first meeting with them.

1 Watch Your Tone and Body Language

The body language you use affects others. That’s why one thing in building rapport is to be conscious of how you act and talk with your client. Your body language gives messages to the person you’re talking to. It tells whether you’re bored, your lazy, or you’re someone they shouldn’t trust.

Take control of your body language by first, keeping your arms distance from your body. Make sure that it’s not held too tightly.

Your voice also affects your communication with the client. Mirroring their tone of voice can help. Slow down or speed up your words when talking so they can better understand you.

2 Ask The Appropriate Questions
Start by having a genuine curiosity. You can build curiosity when you start asking your New York criminal attorney some sensible and open-ended questions. It’s also a good thing to let them lead the conversation then listen and respond to them.

You can start by asking personal questions before asking questions related to their service or by the law. Know that asking a few personal questions first lets you identify their background or personality. Most importantly, make your questions more objective to make clarity in answers.

3 Accept Opinions and be Proactive

The best way to understand and build understanding with your lawyer is to listen and accept their opinions. They are more knowledgeable with the law than you are, showing respect to that means you are also respecting them. With that, you must know how to accept their viewpoints with an open mind and without judgment.

Avoid being argumentative or condescending when they are sharing opinions, solutions, and suggestions. Let them know that you respect their views and that you’re always open for suggestion.If you are ready to meet up with your New York criminal attorney, don’t forget these 3 helpful tips from today’s blog!