Mediation Services – Is It Worth The Effort?


Mediation is the process aimed at facilitating peace between two conflicting parties by a neutral party called Mediator. Both parties need to reach a consensus. Mediation service is usually a private practice, which is duly recognized by the law. In this practice of settling disputes, trained mediators usually conform to a systematic structure, used to bring lasting solution between disputing parties.

Advantages Of Mediation include:

  • Mediation is cost effective. It usually cuts the cost which would have been channeled to pursuing a court case.
  • Privacy is key in mediation unlike court hearings
  • Mediation gives room for consensus to be reached by two disputing parties,which is quite different from the court setting where the Judge takes the final decision
  • Mediation settles disputes in a balanced way.
  • In Mediation,several ways and methods are usually employed at ensuring both parties reach an agreement

Why use Mediation?

  • Mediation has proven over time to be effective in settling disputes, as a large number of disputes settled through mediation usually bring about long lasting peace.
  • Mediation is one of the fastest means of settling disputes.
  • Mediation is relatively cheap, as extra charges only applies for additional time
  • Mediation meetings are usually held at the convenience of both the mediators and conflicting parties.
  • Mediation helps people to take unanimous decisions that will suit their interests while also taking into cognizance their basic rights and entitlement.
  • Mediation is strictly confidential, as all files and other forms of written agreement can only be used externally only if all the parties involved give their consent.

Mediation Services

The Mediation And Mediator: What To Expect

Mediation is a cost effective means of settling disputes since most of the discussion will be over the phone. You tend to save more unlike in a court case where the parties will have to report at the court as demanded by the judge regardless of distance.

A mediator is usually a skilled court worker with the experience to resolve issues between conflicting parties. A mediator is always neutral and doesn’t take sides. His/her aim is to ensure that two disputing parties reach a satisfactory level of agreement.

A mediator is never sentimental in dealings as he/she only uses his rationale to ensure peace reigns between the parties involved. Rather than looking for the cause of the problem, a mediator looks to see if the terms of settlement can be reached.

What Can You Do To Prepare For Mediation?

When involved in mediation, you should be free to discuss pressing issues with the aim of reaching a satisfactory level of agreement. You should brainstorm on possible advantages you stand to gain if the dispute is settled. Not only should you look beyond the dispute but also at what peace will bring in the long run.Mediation service is easier when parties involved show sincerity and willingness to get the dispute resolved. Mediation has being proven to be satisfying and has a high success rate as regards settlement of disputes between parties involved, making it worth trying out.