Making A Will

If you want to ensure that the money, property and belongings that you have goes to the person or people you want to have it, then it’s best to create a will. There are ways to make Texas wills online, or you can use an attorney like Carole Callaghan Law if you are unsure of how to properly create the document. Once the will is created, you would file it with a local courthouse so that it’s on file. It’s not necessary to get it notarized, but it does speed up the probate process after you pass away. The purpose of the will is to make it a bit easier for the family to know who would get the items that you have, such as a house, a car or even furniture. It also helps family members to know who won’t get something that is yours. You can remove people from the will or add people to it in the future.

The will can include everything from donating money to a charity or leaving a decision of who will have control over your children if there are minor children in the home and no other parent to care for them. In the event that you don’t have a will when you die, then it can be difficult for the court to know how your property should be divided. The wrong person could end up with the money that you have or the home that you own.

If you don’t have a lot of property or money to divide, then it’s sometimes easiest to make your own will instead of going to an attorney. You’ll save a bit of money by using a source online or by simply writing out your own wishes. You want to name an executor. The executor is a person who will ensure that everything you have noted will be carried out. It should be someone you trust. Many people use a family member they are close to or even a friend who doesn’t have a stake in getting anything after you pass away. This will help to prevent any discord among family members who don’t get along in the first place.