Legal Battle to Get the Custody of Your Child

Custody of children or a child is a standout amongst the most examined points amid various divorce procedures. The court should direct to which partner the legal care and authority of youngsters might be endowed to. This can be to the companions mutually or to one life partner and not the other with the privilege of access for the other mate yet continually keeping the best enthusiasm of the youngsters as a need. This is an extremely complex issue and next to the lawful matters our customers need to confront distribute of enthusiastic quandaries.


It implies when a parent recognizes his youngsters which and is tended to in the Maltese Legislation in Chapter 16 of the Laws of Malta. Under the Maltese Legislation the assumption is that the father of the tyke is the spouse of the mother. The law additionally gives a comprehensive rundown with reference to when the spouse can disavow the kid born in wedlock, however this is likewise a creating region in perspective of case law.

It can likewise happen if a kid is resulting from wedlock by affirmation or by court arrange. Each case must be handled all alone merits and dependably to the greatest advantage of our customers.

Piscopo lawyers will do its most extreme to accomplish the best arrangement in a convenient way and under our maxim that we need our customers to be happy with our administration which ideally will surpass their desires.

Cooperative Parenting

It means keeping each other informed about pending events in the child’s life.  If this doesn’t work smoothly, parents can request that the school keep both parents apprised of school activities and schedules and informed about any difficulty a child may be experiencing.

It should not always be up to one parent to inform the other, and it certainly should not be the child’s responsibility. Once the school informed the father in this story of his son’s unwavering determination to wait for him at the front door, he realized the importance of a casual remark made to his son and settled on a once-a-week lunch date. When the father arrived, the introduction by his son was reminiscent of a head of state arriving at school! At last he was living his fantasy!

Parenting Plan

A good parenting plan will enable both parents to attend activities such as school events and extra-curricular activities. The presence of the parents will greatly enhance the child’s experience. A good choice is to have the two parents’ homes within the same school district so the children’s community of friends can overlap.

Piscopo lawyers supports and advise the clients together with our group of specialists so as to make it less demanding for the customers and to get the most ideal arrangement in the circumstance, contingent upon the conditions of the case.