Knowing and Understanding Your Rights After An Automobile Accident


Getting into any type of automobile accident is a scary situation for anyone. After the initial shock, it may be difficult to evaluate the events that just happened. There are some steps that need be to taken to protect yourself. To be sure you are getting the best advice, you need to seek an attorney. Since laws vary by state, it might be best to seek the counsel of local professionals. For example, if you live in Alabama, you can look for an auto accident lawyer in Mobile, AL to explain your rights. A licensed attorney will review your case and provide you with accurate counseling regarding the accident. From there, you both will be able to determine the next move to make.

What is an auto accident lawyer?

An auto or car accident lawyer is an attorney who is hired when an accident victim suffers from expensive medical bills. This can be due to severe injuries and the consequent loss of wages at work from being unable to perform your job as well as you did previously. Usually this type of lawyer is obtained when the insurance company denies your claim, or if any long-term medical help is offered because of the accident. You will need to provide your litigator the proper filled out medical forms to explain your injuries and how they are preventing you from returning to work. The lawyer will use this as one of the pieces of proof to show the insurance company why you are not responsible for paying.

Car accident law explained

There are rules that lay out the explanation under the law as to who is at fault for the accident that deemed one of the parties injured. Each state has guidelines describing the responsibilities of the offending party and what the next step should be. The plaintiff  in the case needs to prove what injuries have occured, what caused them, and how the opposing side was negligent. Concerning car accidents, the driver of the vehicle is the one deemed responsible. Sometimes just viewing the damage on the cars can tell police who was at fault. In some states, the blame can be placed on everyone who was inside the car when the accident happened. That also means all passengers’ insurances will be responsible to cover everyone’s part in the accident. Always exchange insurance information. By doing so you are protecting yourself in the event the other party is claiming something different went on than actually did.

The next steps

First and foremost, do not ever leave the scene of an accident and do not admit any fault. You may assume you are to blame, but underlying circumstances may tell a different story. It is important to keep all the documents after an accident occurs. Collecting evidence at the scene can help shed light on the events that happened. By calling 911 and receiving medical help, police at the scene will not only attend to your injuries, the incident will also be included in the public record. In addition to medical assistance, you should interview witnesses for the accounts of what happened (if you are physically able to do so). The police may not be able to get everyone’s account. You may have to get extra information that was overlooked on account of the traumatic episode. If possible, take photos of the scene, the road and weather conditions, and damage to both vehicles, as this can help solidify your case. A hired attorney will have access to this information to go over for the case. The more you have to work with, the better chance you have of proving innocence. If everything after the accident goes smoothly, you and the other party can settle without any trip to courthouse. However sometimes there won’t be an agreement which means your lawyer will have to take it to the next level which is court.

Appearance is Everything

Just because you end up in court doesn’t mean you should start to worry. The last thing you need to stress out about is what to wear when appearing in court. You and your lawyer will have sat down and laid everything out from the accident. Your lawyer should do everything they can to ensure you are prepared, calm, and presentable for your appearance. You should be in professional attire, opting for office skirts, dress pants, or even simple maxi dresses. If by chance you end up on the stand, you need to be well put together. Wear something comfortable, not too revealing, and be sure to have an appropriate length if wearing a dress. If you choose to accessorize, bangles might not be your best bet. Instead, pick out accessories that don’t make a lot of noise, like a simple necklace or watch. Court can take a long time to sort out and there may be a chance you will sit there for hours. Heeled shoes are fine, but make sure the heel itself isn’t too high or the shoe too tight.

Car accidents are extremely unnerving. Having a good lawyer on your side can definitely ease some of your tension. Follow what the attorney instructs you do. A qualified car accident attorney is trained to assist you to the highest letter of the law and make sure you are compensated fairly for your injuries and other financial loses.