Keeping Your Calm: 5 Steps to Take After a Car Accident Takes Place


While not guaranteed to happen to everyone, dealing with a car collision can be a daunting experience. Some deal with a situation like this with their head held high. Others may be so frazzled that they just aren’t mentally and logically prepared to deal with the incident. Knowing what to do know may make things easier in the future.

  1. Stay where you are.

It may seem easy to walk or even drive away from the scene of a car collision you’ve just been involved in. But for one, this is known as a hit-and-run crash, which is illegal. Unfortunately, about 11- to 12-percent of car collisions are hit-and-runs. This will only result in more trouble when caught.

Secondly, escaping from the scene of an accident is dangerous in the case that you’ve received significant injuries and require medical attention. Play it safe, and don’t let your flight response kick in.

  1. Put your flashers on to alert other drivers.

When you’re in the shock of an accident, you may be so focused on yourself and the other party involved that you forget to take extra precaution. As a friendly warning and for safety for you, always put your flashers on, even in the daytime, when you are involved in a car crash – regardless of whether or not your vehicle is on the road.

  1. Do a quick check for any injuries.

Before the paramedics arrive, check your body for any injuries, and look in the mirror. Do not panic at the sight of a wound. If bleeding, try to find a cloth or napkin to press tightly onto the associated injury until you can receive care. Take note of any pain you may be feeling, especially in the neck area. Try to keep stiff until an ambulance arrives.

  1. Report the incident, and take pictures.

Even before the authorities arrive, it is crucial that you document the scene of the collision. Take images of yours and/or others’ involved injuries. Take pictures of both vehicles of different angles, close and far. The more documentation, the better. You may even want to take video footage too.

Additionally, be sure to take down information such as the other driver’s insurance card, name, and so on. You may wish to photograph the insurance card instead of jot it down, especially in a panicked state.

  1. If you’re injured, get legal help.

Medical bills are not cheap. Unfortunately, they only seem to be getting higher. While some walk away from a car crash with zero injuries, others may not be so lucky. That’s why its crucial that you get the legal help necessary to help compensate for any medical treatments you may require. For more information on legal assistance for car accident-related injuries, learn more from Derrick Law Firm.


When in the midst of a car accident, there are things one can do to ensure they can resolve the situation in a calm manner. The important thing to remember in a situation like this is that there is a solution, so keep a positive outlook. Stress will only hinder your ability to focus and sort out each and every necessary step.