Keeping Company Policy a Priority


Every good company has a series of policies and procedures that need to be followed in order to keep employees and company data safe, secure, compliant with all legal regulations and working towards growing the business. What companies don’t want is to have a set of policies that no one is informed about and policies that are constantly being breached because they don’t know or understand that the actions they are taking go against those policies. They key to getting people on board with policy compliance is to have some type of policy management plan in place.

Have a Plan

If you haven’t created a management plan for your policies and procedures, you will need to start with who needs to be informed of the policies and how this can be done in an efficient way. What catches most businesses off guard is having multiple sets of policies with employees following different ones. This often happens when policies are updated, but older employees not getting an updated version. Policies and procedures may also be located in multiple areas, making it difficult to find when needed. A plan can help you determine where to keep policies, how to update them when it is needed and how to distribute this information to employees.

Utilize Resources

To put your plan into place, you will want to utilize the resources that are available for organizing, updating and distributing your company’s policies and procedures. If you are not sure where to start, companies such as Mitratech can assist you with putting together all the different pieces of the puzzle so that your employees are informed and compliant to all policies and procedures of your company.

Keep Everyone Updated

Once you have your policies and procedures in order, you will have to maintain the system that you have created. Whether it is mandatory information sessions for all new employees or a yearly information session to discuss policy updates, it is important to have a way to update all employees on any changes that may occur due to a change in policy and why that change is happening. Once you have done this, your rate of policy compliance will see an increase throughout your company, big or small.