Investigative Training Is What Sets Elite Apart


In the private investigation industry, you truly get what you pay for. Unfortunately, many investigation companies are in the business to make money and have a shady reputation as a result. Private investigators all need training, and there are many ways the less reputable companies can skimp on quality services. With Elite Investigations, you are getting an experienced private investigator agency with an unmatched reputation and quality of work in the private investigation industry.

Backgrounds of the Investigators

Many “private investigation” businesses are none other than companies with great salespeople. Many are more interested in making a sale and taking your money than the sophisticated process an investigation often takes. With investigators from Elite Investigations, you are getting highly skilled and trained personnel who are often ex-military or ex-law enforcement and are prepared to help you solve the case.

Extensive Training

In order to become a private investigator for Elite Investigations, their investigators have to go through extensive written and hands-on training with insurance and spousal investigations. Since laws are always updated, they must be able to stay updated with any changes to the law and have to pass an annual test from Elite Investigations to remain employed. Employees are licensed, insured and bonded for work in the state of Las Vegas, which many other investigation companies cannot stand by.

With a Nevada private investigator, the initial appointment is always free at a legitimate office in the heart of Las Vegas. They do not outsource work and all investigation work is done by employees of the company. For over 20 years, they have been providing timely and accurate information to their clients and providing direct contact with the investigators. Clients are always up-to-date with information and investigators try to get back to the client with information from an investigation within 24 hours. Contact Elite Investigations today if you need great guidance and advice for your next investigation!