I’m thankful for my DUI attorney at Frankfurt Law

Gavel, Alcoholic Drink & Car Keys on a Gradated Background - Drinking and Driving Concept.

Getting arrested for a DUI can put a lot of things in perspective for you. It’s hard to remember exactly what my mentality was before the arrest but as I look back now I think I must have been arrogant, cocky, young and stupid. I did not drive drunk on a regular basis but I didn’t shy away from going out with friends and then having a few drinks before driving home. As they as on TV these days, “buzzed driving is drunk driving.”, I guess in that case I am lucky to only have one DUI. I am also lucky that when I called around to find a DUI attorney, I found Frankfurt Personal Injury Law. It’s impossible to ever know ho my case may have been handled differently by another law firm but I am thankful I was in the capable hands of their experienced and trusted attorneys, all of of whom have undergone years and years of extensive studying and research to be on top of their game when it comes to these specific laws.

I got my DUI driving home from my friends graduation party. His family had rented out the banquet room of a restaurant right down the street from my house and we all went there to celebrate his big day. The restaurant was within walking distance to my house but unfortunately during that time my left foot was broken and I had to wear a big clunky plastic boot that made walking difficult. I drove down to the end of my block and turned right, within thirty seconds of driving I was there and parking my car. Honestly the thought that I would have got a DUI on the drive home never even crossed my mind because it was such an incredibly short trip. I’m sure you can see where this is going otherwise you wouldn’t be reading an article about why I needed to hire a criminal defense lawyer to help me in my case.

That night I had a few too many drinks but even my friends thought I would be OK driving the half block to my house, I guess we were all wrong. My blood alcohol level was right at the legal limit of .08 and so in my “drunken” state I tried to plea bargain with the cop and have him let me go. As you’ll find out later during a DUI proceeding, the plea bargaining is something the lawyers are good at and that is the main reason why you want to hire one.

My lawyer was able to argue that the medications I was taking for my foot were interfering with my ability to pass a breathalyzer test. Unfortunately I was not able to get off that easy because the officer also performed several field sobriety tests, all of which I failed. In the end, my DUI lawyer was able to get my sentence reduced and the charges dropped from a DUI to a “wet reckless”, which looks better on your record.