Human Factors Expert Witness Help In Risk Perception


When things become complicated during a court trial a human factors expert witness can help a lot with better risk perception. It is a science that delivers useful insight into the several nuances of legal proceedings. The science deals with human perceptions, understandings and interactions with the conditions that led to the accident. They provide clarity into the matter and helps in finding out the reasons of the accident and its outcome. Apart from the environmental aspect they also deal with the societal influences as well. They work closely with diverse settings helping in designing and creating safe and efficient processes, products and environments.

The Factors Assessed And Cases Solved

These experts are called to assess the ergonomics and human factors and provide professional opinion on human elements and circumstances. The facts that are reviewed by the experts include all valid evidence, case documentation, testimony, witnesses, accident site assessment and all valid requirements and building codes. They help in resolving varied case types that includes accidents and workplace safety, slips trips and falls, faulty product design, attention and distraction, displays and controls, fatigue and sleep deprivation, driver behavior, environmental impacts such as noise, lighting and vibration, cognition, memory and perception.

Helps InRisk Perception

The human factors experts use scientific methods to ascertain the risks in the location, behavior, time and several other factors of the case that may affect the final outcome. They are also able to discover the third party or external elements involved in the matter. The professional help the court to know how the driver is or is not responsible for the accident. They find out whether there was any defects, electrical system fault, structural integrity issue, characteristics and behavioral issues and qualities a person. Having access to all materials of claims, they provide better understanding of the personality of the persons involved.