How to Protect Your Home from Burglars

When it comes to protecting your home from burglary and theft, it is important to know some of the most important steps to ensure safety of your home. Brian Ross Law wants to share these small secrets with you making sure that you protect your home.

  1. Protection of doors
    The first and most important step is to protect your doors. Always lock your doors, even if you go out only for 5 minutes to see your neighbor. There is groups of burglars that need only 5 minutes to take some of the most precious and valuable things from your home. If you live in a house with a yard and have two entrances, always lock that door that you do not use. If you are doing something noisy in the house such as listening to loud music or vacuuming make sure you lock the front door, because you will not be able to hear the burglars. Always have your doors locked! The first and most important rule.
  2. Quality locks
    Invest in good quality locks. They should be installed in a way so that they do cannot be broken by the burglars. Many security experts say there is no lock that cannot be broken. So, yes, locks are not a problem for burglars. They will find a way to open the door and enter into the house. But the important thing is that you will be able to hear and see when they try to break the lock and have enough time to call the police.3. Protection
    Always close all windows and balcony doors before you leave the house. You should never put the blinds when you are not at home because the burglars will think that there is no one in the house. If you live in a house with a yard, remove the garden furniture because thieves can use it to climb up to the window.
  1. The protection keys

Never leave the key in the generally known “secret” places – under the mat, under the pot… yeah do not be surprised, everyone knows about these places.

  1. Using light

Do not turn off the light in your home and backyard. Never do that because burglars love dark. Do not give them that pleasure. Install a reflector with automatic ignition on the entrance. When you go somewhere for a long time, give a key to your neighbor or friend whom you trust to occasionally turn the light on and the television in the evening. If you keep the lights off while going somewhere – it’s a sure sign that you are not at home.

5. Protection of valuables

The smallest group of thieves are professionals who steal from apartments and houses and only go where there is money, jewelry, artistic pieces. It is advisable to install a safe in your house or apartment in which you can keep all your valuables and money, but it is recommended that you have them in the bank.