How to Land the Right Divorce Lawyer


Divorces can get messy especially when children and finances are involved. Having a professional divorce lawyer looking out for your interests can be the only way to keep things mature and calm. While pursuing traditional litigation is usually reserved as a last result, hiring a lawyer well before hand might serve to protect your interests and protect your stand and contribution in the family. The only challenge you will face is finding a lawyer that is a perfect fit for your case. Not every attorney that comes through the door with an endless list of court wins will be a good candidate. Sometimes you need a lawyer that can keep you sane and remind you that you’re a parent before anything else, much like the ones you would find at Sorensen Law Firm,

Finding a good lawyer to handle your divorce proceedings is not as simple as walking into the offices of the best law firm in your locality. There is more that goes into it. Here are some tips that could be of great help in your search.

Consider What You Want

Finding a good lawyer is more or less the same as finding a good employee. Before they’re great, they need to share the same goals as you have. First, you need to consider what you want out of the divorce. Once you’re confident of the path you would like to lead; you can then interview lawyers that share your vision. This way, you avoid engaging the services of a pit bull who will go after everything your partner has while all you were wanting is co-parenting.

Look for References

Do you know of a friend or relative that recently went through a divorce? How was their experience with their lawyer? Do you like the result of their association with that lawyer? If you do, why not ask for a reference? Referrals are a great way of escaping the tedious task of searching for online references and positive reviews. Furthermore, with personal references, most of the heavy lifting has been done for you. Nevertheless, try to do some research just to be sure.

Schedule Face-to-Face Meetings

Sure, emails have made communication much easier. However, for someone that is going to play such a significant role in your future, those interviews are better face-to-face. This way, you’re not only able to get answers but you’re also able to view their body language and determine if you even like them. On the interviews, feel free to go all out with your questions. Don’t hold anything back, after all, your future and the future of your children depend on it.

Narrow down Your Options

The search for a good attorney can be exhausting. Jumping from one office to the next does not make it any easier. Narrow down your options to three. You’ll be able to do more comprehensive research and take sufficient time grilling each of the candidates. This way, even if one option does not work out, you still have two others as opposed to going back to the drawing board and starting the search fresh.

In your quest for a divorce attorney, you will come across gender specialists and fighters. While their aura might be quite alluring, it is best to go for a tactical, intelligent lawyer that is willing to employ the easiest and fastest methods to get you what you need. These tips should steer you in that general direction.