How to get your Trademark registered in Nigeria


A trademark is a unique symbol, sign, logo, name, shape, colour, slogan or sound, which differentiates the goods and services of one business from another one. You can get your trademark registered at Commercial Law Department of Nigeria, Ministry of Trade and Investment in Nigeria, Trademark, Patent and Design Registry. Trademark plays an important role in any business, because having a legal trademark can protect your goods and services from getting duplicated by illegal activities and every trademark should be unique, distinctive and not be similar to other business trademark. Upon registration of trademark, business owners or company owners are given copyright to use that trade mark for their goods.

The process of is started first with searching of trademark and checked whether it is existing for any other business or not, if it doesn’t exist for any business then it is filled with the application. After Filing Application with Required details the and submission. Trademark Registry would send you an acknowledgement letter with all your detail and soon after an Acceptance Letter. Then the Mark is been published in the Trademark Journal and advertised. If they receive any objection due to certain issues within two months from the date of Advertisement, then you need to do some process again to get your new trademark, but if there are no obsessions then You get your trademark certificated. The Trademark is valid till seven years only, after that you have to renew the period. The renewal application should be submitted before three months from the due date. Trademark registration in Nigeria Requires the following

  1. Your Nationality, Full Name and Physical Address.
  2. It needs the complete and clear information about the trademark. You should provide soft copy of your trademark, if you have filled the registration form online.
  3. If want a trademark for goods, then a full range of goods to be covered by the trademark.
  4. You should provide a power of attorney, with full particulars of name, address and nationality of the applicant simply signed. When applying for trademark for company you will have to provide capacity of the signatory.

The Duration of the Trademark Registration is approximately three-four months.