How to Deal with Personal Injury Claims


Personal injury is an area of law that includes a whole host of legal areas of practice. The practice of personal injury law can be described as bitter sweet. Sweet in the sense that there is great satisfaction in championing the rights of the injured and the prospect of compensation that is due to them due to injuries sustained. Bitter because in most cases these injuries can be severe and heart breaking requiring extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation that can be long and painful.

The consequences of such personal injury can weigh heavy on a family because of time missed from work and the resulting financial burden. Unfortunately, unscrupulous insurers will actually try to evade paying insurance claims on flimsy, manufactured or twisted reasons for the sake of profits.

But that is where the expertise of an experienced Orlando insurance attorney comes into play. Not only can they help individuals who have suffered personal injury file an insurance claim in Orlando butalso provide the individual with expert legal advice and representation where necessary to overcome the now frequent disputes that ensue over claims by the insurer.

Personal injury law includes:

  • Wrongful death cases
  • Defective, dangerous or unsafe product liability
  • Dog bites and animal attacks
  • Auto and motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Paralysis and loss of limb cases
  • Nursing home abuse or neglect

Although the above list is not exhaustive in respect to personal injury, it does highlight some of the most common and prevalent areas that people find themselves in need of legal counsel.

Cohen Law Group has helped numerous individuals through this treacherous path. They have some of the best insurance claims attorneys who play a pivotal role in guiding those in need through every aspect to a personal injury claim.

What makes them stand out from the pack is their obvious track record and successful personal injury cases that they have seen through. What somebody dealing with a personal injury claim can expect from this law firm is a thorough investigation based on the facts and evidence of a given claim, honest assessment of the matter and insightful legal advice based on the findings of their investigation. This is to ensures that due diligence is maintained and legal representation of each personal injury client is of the highest standard. This has become a hallmark of all cases that pass through this well reputed law firm.

After carefully listening and rigorous investigations, the law firm determines what compensation the personal injury case may be legally entitled to seek and lay down a game plan on the way forward.

As Orlando personal injury attorneys, working on a case, Cohen Law Group will fight to protect your rights in a concerted effort to help recover fair compensation which is all dependent on the nature and uniqueness of your case. Personal injury compensation may include;

  • Lost wages due to time missed from work
  • Injuries as a result of your personal injury
  • Medical bills related to your injury
  • Permanent or long term diminished quality of life
  • In the unfortunate event of death, compensation to your immediate family

Engaging a professional Orlando insurance attorney in a personal injury case is prudent. Cohen Law Group is such a law firm. Call the today on Tel: 407 -478- 4878 for immediate assistance.