How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help You?


The lawyer, whether or not he is responsible for defending you and assisting you throughout the proceedings, must be consulted before proceeding. Above all, he has a mission of information and advice.

The Relationship

It is very important to establish a relationship of trust with him in cases where you opt to be represented. This first interview with your lawyer is really crucial, capital. It is at this point that this essential and necessary relationship of trust will develop, from both a human and a legal point of view.

  • Obviously, at the end of this first interview, you are free, as well as the lawyer, to decide not to be assisted by this one (especially if you consult him as a council). Do not hesitate to give yourself a period of reflection after this interview to make a decision. It may also be necessary to consult a second lawyer to finalize your choice.

The purpose of this first meeting is to expose the dispute so that it can provide you with the most appropriate information based on your story on the desirability of an approach, choice or conduct of a legal action.Here the best solution is to book a call with kelly huang.

In fact, the lawyer will implement all the means at his disposal to ensure the best defense of your interests. However, it cannot under any circumstances guarantee you a result, even if your file seems solid (even unassailable) and that it seems impossible to you not to win your case. Judges are sovereign in their decision and in their appreciation of the facts, this is what is commonly called “judicial hazard”. You must consider that the magistrate is above all a human being, with emotions that are his own function of his experience, and then, he misses … time also sometimes.

  • In addition, do not be dragged into a procedure that you have not chosen. You must remain in control of the decision to be made.
  • Also think that the procedure may take time (possible postponements, “judicial vacations”), so you will need patience.
  • You have never, without doubt, taken a lawyer.

How to find a lawyer?

The best way is from recommendations. If someone you trust can recommend the work of a lawyer in a case similar to yours, you have a better chance of consulting the appropriate professional. If not, you must take out your binders, do your evening homework, and work hard until you find the lawyer who will solve your problem. Of course, take a lawyer specializing in family law.

When making a telephone appointment, do not hesitate to specify at the secretariat of the lawyer or the law firm, or the secretariat of the legal permanence, the field of the law which concerns you (family law) , as well as, if possible, your “question” (referral to the family judge for fixing the child’s residence, the amount of the alimony, etc.).

In addition, in cases where you go to a law firm, consider giving the identity of the opposing party: the lawyer may have already been seized by your “opponent”. It is not necessary, moreover, to go into very specific details at this stage.