How Auto Accidents Can Seriously Impact Your Life


With more traffic than ever on the roads, it is a given that accidents will increase. Some estimates are that approximately 50 million people are injured in car accidents each year. The accidents can result in a number of problems for the victims. Many can be life-altering. What are some of the ways accidents affect those who are involved?

Short- and Long-Term Injuries

Of course injuries are one of the most frequent results of accidents. If someone is seriously injured in a car accident, they may never recover fully. Often they have spinal cord or brain injury. The hospitalization alone for these types of injuries can be quite significant. Even short-term injuries can affect people for months and result in medical bills that cannot be paid.

Missed Work and Loss of Income

Medical care that continues to mount in cost for those injured in auto accidents is the tip of the iceberg. Since they are hurt, they are unable to work, so there is no money coming into the household. Everyday living expenses are adding up, and there is no end in sight. Even short absences from a job can cause a financial burden. It could mean the loss of a job, if it will be an extended period of time before they can return.

While the bills keep coming, and there is no money to pay them, the debt is being sent to collections agencies. This directly affects a credit rating, destroying the good credit that someone worked hard to achieve. The financial problems that an accident may cause can be devastating.

Legal Battles

In addition to all the problems you are experiencing from the auto accident, you may have to face a legal battle. Often the other driver’s insurance company will deny your claim even if their client was at fault. This is why firms such as the Law Offices of Patrick G. Cadiz provide an accident lawyer in Oregon.

Injury from auto accidents can have a serious impact on your life and your family’s life. In the best scenario, the injury will not be serious, and you can get back to your life in a short time.