Hiring Legal Representation to File Suit


After a lifetime of working challenges jobs, it might come as a devastating surprise that you have developed mesothelioma. This form of lung cancer is often a death sentence. Few people survive the disease, which is often contracted through no fault of theirs.

While it is natural for you to feel scared and sad about your diagnosis, you also may want to consider taking legal action against the company that exposed you to asbestos and other dangerous toxins. When you have been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, mesothelioma, or asbestos lung disease pittsburgh pa claimants like you have rights that can involve taking legal action in court.

Proving Blame

The party that exposed you to asbestos will presumably claim ignorance after the lawsuit is filed. The person or business may say it did not know that asbestos was in the building. It also may say the blame falls squarely on your shoulders.

However, you never would have exposed yourself to such a toxin if you knew it were in the places where you worked. You would have taken appropriate measures like wearing protective masks or avoiding the places altogether.

Your lawyer can help you build a case that proves the culpability and blame of your former employer. The proof might be records from your work, addresses of buildings in which you worked or provided services, and medical records that show the onset of the disease. The records might provide a timeline that pinpoints the moment in your career when you were exposed and thus began to develop the illness.

Accepting a Settlement

Once the case has been made, your employer may then want to stay out of court at all costs. It may be ready to offer you a settlement if you agree to drop the lawsuit.

Before you okay the dropping of the lawsuit, you may want your lawyer to review the settlement offer. It may seem generous now. However, it might only take care of you for the first few months. It also may leave nothing for your loved ones. Your lawyer can negotiate a better settlement.