Hiring a Lawyer to Argue Your Case after a Slip and Fall Injury


Property owners can be negligent. For example, they can leave spilled water or soap on the floor after they have washed it. Broken staircases are also common in many buildings. This kind of negligent behavior may lead to serious injuries. In fact, some people can step on slippery floors, fall, and then break their bones. These injuries can be fatal. Someone has to hold property owners accountable for such negligence. Slip and fall attorneys are your best hope of doing so. Here are some of the reasons why you should them.

– Advising You on the Law

Personal injury cases are litigious. You need legal representation for such cases. Remember, slip and fall lawyers have experience in such matters. They will argue your case from a legal standpoint using their knowledge of the law and the court system. It is important to note that lawyers cannot make critical decisions on your case. Instead, attorneys advise you on what steps you need to take. It is also important to note that many people do not understand the complexities of a slip and fall injury. For example, did you know that you could file a claim three years after the incident occurred? This provision exists in Section 214 of the Civil Practice Laws and Rules. Slip and fall lawyers are familiar with this section of the law in addition to other laws and provisions.

– Helping You Prove a Case

Personal injury claims are about determining liability so that you can receive compensation for your injuries. How do you determine that the defendant is responsible for your injury? Well, you can do that in three ways. First, you can demonstrate to the court that the property owner caused the conditions that led to your fall. You can also show that the owner knew about the dangers in his premise, but he chose to ignore them. Finally, you can demonstrate that a reasonable person would have discovered the problem in addition to solving it. Can you prove these things without a background in law? It is difficult to do so and therefore, you need a slip and fall attorney to help you.

– Defending You against Counterclaims

One of the reasons that many people fail to pursue claims after a slip and fall injury is the threat of a counter-suit. Remember, the property owner would never let go of his funds voluntarily. Instead, he would fight to keep every penny he has. He might also see an opportunity to launch a suit against you if he can. Your attorney will protect you against such counter-suits through his legal advice. He will also dispute against the arguments put forth by the defendant. For example, the property owner will try to demonstrate to the court that you should have anticipated the danger that befell you. He will also tell the court that he had placed sufficient warning signs around his premise. Do not be afraid of such arguments. They might seem complex to you, but lawyers like those from https://www.injuryclaimnyclaw.com/slip-and-fall-lawyer/ understand them.

Choose a lawyer who is competent enough to handle a slip and fall injury case. Look at his experience, qualifications, and record of accomplishments. Does he seem like a genuine person? Does he understand what you went through during and after that slip and fall injury? In other words, hire someone who believes in your rights. Someone you can trust and someone who knows what the job entails.