Hire Employment Lawyers to Protect Yourself from False Accusation at Workplace


Let’s take a little time to go back to the history. We would see that there have been a lot of feud between the employee and the employer. But now a daythere are certain laws has replaced the sword to help the employee fight against the employers for their rights. So it is very important for you to know about the employers’ law. Employers’ law basically emphasizes on the general relationship between the employee/employer and the rights that an employee have in the workplace.

Employment lawyers Perthhas been fighting over the years against any kind of discrimination that arises in a workplace. The law makes sure that the workplace should remain free from any kind of discrimination like sex, caste or political preferences and every employee shall be treated equally and given merits according to their work scale.

If an individual is not getting in return for the hard work spent on company’s improvement than the individual is liable to consult an employment lawyer and seek right justice. Employment lawyers Perthhas the finest of attorneys in the city who understands that the risk an individual is taking to fight for the proper right and givers proper suggestion to boost their confidence.


  1. The hours of that a full time employee can work are 38 hours weekly. The employee may be required to work an extra hour or so which the company is liable to pay.
  2. If an employee is parent and has a child to take care of than the employee has the right to ask the employer for a change in the working arrangement to take care of the child. For this the employee need to complete at least 12 months of employment at that particular workplace in order to apply for the flexible timing.   
  3. All employees of the company are entitled to have 4 weeks of annual leave.
  4. All employees of the company hold the liability to take 10 days of paid personal leave for an annual year of service.
  5. All employees of the company can take at least up to 2 days of paid compassionate leave if any member of their family expires or suffers through serious injuries that should be taken care of.
  6. An employer does not hold the right to terminate an employee without prior notice.
  7. An employee has the liability to take a leave if he/she is involved in any community services.
  8. It is necessary for the employers to give the employees proper merits every year based on their work.
  9. All employees of the company can take up to as many days of unpaid parental leave during the time of their pregnancy.

Now all these may seem a quite confusing but you will feel lucky to know that Employment Lawyers Perth has helped a lot of number of people to gain what is rightfully theirs. For further details, to clear your confusion please contact employment lawyers Perth, WA.