Handling the complexities of crime with ease


The Winter Park City, situated near Orlando in the heartland of Florida is popular because of its art, culture scenic beauty. The population is seeing growth and this population is seeing an increase in the requirement of quality lawyers and law firms. It is to be noted that the Florida legal system is extremely strict and therefore when choosing lawyers, people of Winter Park value experience and competency, especially in criminal cases. Moses and Rooth provide criminal defense attorney services in this city besides several others.

  • What is the importance of criminal defense attorneys?

The criminal defense attorney is envisaged with the job of representing the accused of any crime. The crimes can include misdemeanor or felony. Misdemeanors are less grave criminal charges for which punishment is less than a year or a fine. Some examples are reckless driving, prostitution, vandalism, etc. Felonies are crimes of serious nature, in which punishment can range from more than one-year imprisonment to the death penalty, examples are rape, murder, robbery, etc.

A layman does not have a sound understanding of the laws. An individual has all the right to appoint herself as an attorney and defend the case, but there are risks involved. Any poor assessment and handling of a criminal matter can have lifelong consequences. Moreover, as the maxim goes, Ignorantia Juris non excusat, ignorance of the law is no excuse. It is always best to assign the responsibility to somebody you can trust fully. We, at Moses and Rooth, have been working in this field for more than 20 years. Our lawyers are fully trained to assist you in every legal matter.

  • What is the job of a criminal defense attorney?

A criminal defense attorney can serve you throughout criminal proceedings and offers pretrial services. If a person has an apprehension of being arrested, the aid of a criminal attorney can help in the negation of the charges.  The charges will be dropped before the case begins. They may also help in lessening the bail amount or waiving it altogether. They may avail of other options to help the clients, for example, plea bargaining can be adopted for lessening the sentence.

The criminal defense attorney is required to create a calibrated defense strategy for the defendant.

In some cases, the attorneys know that it will be impossible to win the case, they may advise the client to go for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options. After a charge is proven, the defense attorney can appeal in higher court or try to lessen the sentence.

  • Why should you choose Winter Park criminal defense attorneys at Moses and Rooth?
  • The winter park criminal defense lawyers working in Moses and Rooth, possess all the detailed knowledge of federal and state laws with regard to criminal matters.
  • We are highly experienced and a well-reputed firm. We know the tricks of the trade, ensuring high success rate. We have also worked as prosecutors previously. We can assist in providing defense in all kinds of criminal cases- violent crimes, driving under influence (DUI), drug crimes, sex crimes, etc.
  • Our priority is client satisfaction. We are driven solely by the high expectations of our clients and their uninterrupted faith in us. The law of the land is supreme and therefore ensuring justice is out earnest goal. We take care that no injustice is meted out to our clients at any point.


The winter park criminal attorneys at Moses and Rooth provide the best of services in criminal matters. We represent the defendants in all kinds of criminal cases from a misdemeanor to felony. We hold expertise in the sphere of criminal law and ensure that our clients get what they want. If you are involved in any criminal matter and are confused as to whether to hire an attorney or any other issue, contact our team now. We put in our best efforts to ease the complexities of law and provide you with the proper guidance.