Guidance to get the United State Citizenship


Holding the Green Card is the ultimate sign of success for many people. Immigration law is complex is where becoming a naturalized citizen is not an easy process. After years of dreaming to come America, the card is the proof of accomplishment. Many immigration service providers are now available to ease the complete process. However, charges may vary depending upon attorneys. Monument immigration gives excellent services in adjustment of status, naturalization and Fiance (e) Visas (K-1). To access full details visit

Green Card holders, also known as Lawful Permanent Residents, enjoy numerous welfares. They are capable to support blood relatives to apply for their own Green Card. The family member must be a close relative which is defined as a spouse, parents, or single children under 21 years old. Adjustment of status permits United States Citizens to apply for the Lawful Permanent Residence of their close family members who are currently in the United States.Adjustment of status only relates to those who are presently in the United States, and lengthens to the spouse, parents and children of the US Citizen. If the family members don’t come across all of the necessities, consult an experienced immigration attorney to weigh all of the options.

Monument immigration provides full details about the process of getting Green Card, for more details visit The Monument immigration state accurately what’s required for the application. They will also move the finalized application to the federal government truthfully and quickly. After getting applicant documentation and information, Monument usually submits the application in just 48 business hours.

Basic Requirements for US Citizenship

There is a huge difference between naturalization and citizenship. Green Card is the symbol for residence at US. Becoming a United States citizen is not an easy process and you need to fulfil all the general requirements:

  • Have a green card
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have lived as a stable resident in the US for at least five years, if you’re animmigrant, spouse of a US citizen, or acquired your green card via political refuge
  • Have spent at least half your time as anenduring resident of the US physically present in the United States
  • Have not spent over a year at any certain time outside the US
  • Have not renowned a primary residence in a country besides the US
  • Have good moral personality
  • Be able to speak, read and write English
  • Be able to pass anexam on US government and history
  • Insist that you will be faithful to the US and trust in the principles set forth by the US Constitution

Once you’re sure that you run into all of the basic necessities, you can begin your application.Along with your finalized application, you also need to submit a photocopy of your green card, photographs, and your application fee. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) habitually takes months to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting and an interview.In the interview process, you will be interrogated about your full immigration history. After successful completion, you will get your appointment date for your swearing-in ceremony. Give honest answers because a false information can make your application to halt.