Got injured on the job? You deserve to be compensated!

injured on the job

Most employees are not well informed about their rights. With this, they tend to be exploited by  their employers. In the event that they get injured on the job such as when they get carpal tunnel syndrome, a back injury, repetitive strain injury, or any work-related illnesses, employees will not be able to claim what is rightfully theirs if they are not well informed. deserve to be compensated. Our compensation lawyers Sydney at Schofield King Lawyers are experienced in different industries. This experience gives us the edge in helping you win your case with almost 100% probability. Here are some possible compensation claims you may be entitled to and which our compensation lawyers Sydney can help you with:

injured on the job

  • Common Law & Negligence– If your place of work is not a safe environment to work in and if it puts you in danger or gets you injured, our firm’s compensation lawyers Sydney will make sure that you are able to get your negligence claim. It is available for severe injuries, which have been caused by an unsafe work environment.
  • Permanent Impairment – Get your lump sum compensation if you are left with a permanent impairment for the injury you have suffered.
  • Medical Treatment & Rehabilitation – Get reimbursed for all the cost of medications, therapies, x-rays, and all other fees necessary for your treatment. We will help you claim all these, including your travelling expenses.
  • Suitable Duties not provided – Your employer should provide you with suitable duties when you get back to work after the injury. In cases that suitable duties are not provided, you should seek rehabilitation training to help you increase your chance of getting a job that will provide suitable duties.
  • Return to work – Our compensation lawyers Sydney will make sure you get your pre-injury wage if your hours are restricted once you get back to work. You do not have to lose income while working in restricted hours.
  • Weekly Payments – You can get weekly payments for the first six months, when you are deemed unfit to work. After six months, the State Government determines the statutory rate if you are still unfit to work.

It is common for most employees to be driven by fear from their employers, which is why they choose not to file any claim. On top of that, they also fear being mistreated when they report back to work. However,  you need not worry anymore. We are here to give you sound legal and expert advice for your industrial, workplace, and employment claims.

Talk to us. Schofield King compensation lawyers Sydney are here to attend to your problems and concerns. We have established a reputation in Sydney and in nearby suburbs. The sooner you take care of your compensation claim, the better. Remember, the law allows only a limited time period to make the claim. Call us today!

You deserve to be represented by our Schofield King compensation lawyers Sydney

A situation involving injury is already stressful at the onset.  Its effects on you can stretch from not being able to work, experiencing emotional strain while going through the injury, and in most cases finding yourself beset with financial difficulties. That is why our compensation lawyers at Schofield King are here to protect your rights and help you cope up with your pain, suffering, and loss of income.

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  • We have an exemplary record in winning worker’s compensation claims. We have a vast experience in compensation claims.
  • We know the process and the law by heart.
  • We can and will support you during these stressful and difficult times.
  • We will resolve your concern in a timely manner.

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