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If you know anything about driving, you know that driving under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance is a surefire invitation for serious trouble. If you are not pulled over the first time, it is just encouragement for you to attempt such risky behaviors again. Eventually, you will get in an accident or get a DUI. Most likely, the answer is both. There are some easy ways to avoid getting a DUI, though. The easiest way is to avoid drunk driving at all costs, but that is more personal responsibility than some are willing to exert. If you do get caught driving under the influence, you can skip this article and just hire a great DUI lawyer to handle your problems.

There are many people who are driving under the influence, but are stopped for other reasons and end up getting arrested for DUI. These types of stops can be avoided by simply paying attention to your car before you get in and drive away. Check your vehicle before you drive it: are there broken lights or expired tags? If you have a head or tail light out, it’s a surefire way to get stopped by police. Also, driving with expired tags will get you pulled over quickly. Be sure to check your car or have a friend check your car before you leave. Another issue is tinted windows. If your windows are tinted beyond the legal limit, police could stop you and cite you for it . . . and subsequently catch you driving drunk. When an officer smells alcohol on you, that is certainly probable cause. Another obvious issue is distracted driving, which includes texting, reaching for a cigarette or even playing with the radio. These activities make you an easy target to be stopped by police. Do we even need to mention that speeding or driving too slow will get you pulled over as well? These common pitfalls are simple things drivers can prevent from happening with some simple observation. Otherwise, you will end up needing to talk to a DUI attorney much sooner than you would like.

Despite all this advice, the best way to avoid a DUI arrest is to never get behind the wheel of the car in the first place. By avoiding drunk driving, you avoid a DUI arrest. An experienced DUI attorney can go to bat for you in the courtroom and help you overcome the legal trouble that a DUI can present, but avoiding the trouble altogether is the best way to go. You will save yourself thousands of dollars and lots of time that would all be spent on court costs and courtroom proceedings. Protect yourself by avoiding trouble. If you end up getting in trouble anyhow, be sure you have a talented attorney with experience handling DUI offenses to take care of the troubles for you. There is no reason to let your DUI case fall through the cracks and cost you more than it should. Everyone makes mistakes, but those mistakes should not ruin your life.