Frequently asked questions on car accident Ottawa


The technology gave many advantages to the world, in the same way there are also serious dangers when these are not in the right hands, or at right time for example mobiles a superb modern tool, can also become a deadly one when used while driving. A small distraction while driving can cause accidents on roads. Accident is one thing, but the situation aftermath would be very critical to handle. It is really necessary that one should be aware of different rules once met with an accident.

Here are some commonly asked questions that people ask about car accident Ottawa

Who is an injury lawyer? What are the services offered by him?

An injury lawyer is a representative of a person, who has suffered some physical damage due to others negligence or wrongdoing. Generally they handle the cases involving tort negligence like car accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip & fall accidents etc. Generally the goal of an injury lawyer is to extract compensation in the form of monetary funds or property for the death or serious injuries of his client. Generally these cases are accepted by the lawyers on contingent basis, i.e. the lawyer takes fees from the injured party only if they get suitable compensation

What are the basic laws in the city of Ottawa, which the injured can claim?

There is a basic law called motorcycle’s law through which the injured person can claim any of the two options in it through ottawa law firm at at ccglawoffice .

First one being “no fault benefits” or “accident benefits”, the benefits through this option are time bound, so should be claimed in a certain period of time. It includes income replacement, non earner benefits, visitor benefits, medical & rehabilitation benefits, attendant care benefits, care giver benefits, damaged personal property benefits & death benefits. This benefit can be claimed by both the parties.

Second one is “tort” or “negligence”. There are some threshold conditions which should be met to claims this. The person who is injured should be able to prove through medical & other evidence. Actually there will be same benefits as above, but in this case it is more favorable for the injured party if they can prove it.

What are the things one should do after suffering a car accident Ottawa?

The most important thing one should do after suffering an accident is checking the level of damage & contacting the law firms (of course after getting hospitalized only!).There are some basic time limits or threshold conditions that should be met, in case of failure the person may not get the insurance benefits & the case filed against the accused will not be strong enough. Evidences from the spot like the witnesses should be gathered & medical certificates to prove the damage should be arranged while filing the case.