Filing for and Getting Benefits to Which You are Entitled


When you have suffered a serious injury or illness, you might not be able to return to work in any meaningful capacity. Your ability to earn an income with which to support you and your household could be seriously compromised.

It is at this point that you might decide to apply for benefits into which you have faithfully paid throughout the years. While you might initially imagine that it would be easy to be approved for the benefits, you may soon discover that it can be an uphill battle to prove your disability to the court. By retaining the services of a mediator, law firm, or Social Security disability attorney Coral Springs plaintiffs like you may better your chances of winning your case the first time you file.

Bolstering Your Case in Court

Disability judges have the burden of deciding who is really sick or disabled and who is trying to scam the system. It is true that some people fake illnesses or injuries just so they can get benefits and not have to work. The judges assigned to these cases have to uncover the ruse and deny people benefits for which they are filing.

Because judges see so many scammers, they naturally maybe skeptical as well toward legitimate plaintiffs. When you appear before the judge in charge of your case, he or she may request undeniable evidence proving you can no longer work in any capacity.

Your lawyer can help you gather evidence like medical records, eyewitness testimony, and other proof to back up your claim of being disabled. With a lawyer’s help, you could be approved after the first time you file. Even if you are denied after the first time, you could be entitled to a settlement if you win after the second or third time filing your case.

A lawyer can be a valuable asset in your bid to win benefits to which you are entitled. He or she can prove you are disabled and no longer capable of working and supporting yourself and your family.