Everything You Need to Know about White Collar Crime

White collar crime is famous among people now. This is because of the crime shows that run daily on the television. However, even with the broad fame, many don’t have any idea about the definition of the crime. They don’t know what it is. They don’t know about the types of white collar.

Olympia Law PC is a famous law firm which is based in USA. The firm has a separate division for white collar crime. The firm gives out assistance for white collar defense. It is not easy as white collar is considered the most complicated sort of crime and once alleged, you can get into a lot of problem.

So, what does it mean by white collar? What is the law provided definition of the crime? White collar is committed by deceit. The motivation for committing this crime is money. Different types of frauds and scams fall under the list of white collar.

Fraud is one type of white collar as this offense is committed by deceiving someone. Olympia Law PC lawyers say that there are different types of frauds too. Security fraud is a famous white collar crime which takes place in the trading industry like stock exchange.

Apart from this type of white collar there are many others. Embezzlement is another famous white collar crime which people commit and once get arrested they find themselves into grave trouble. This offense is taking money illegally from a party who has entrusted you with the access of the money. This is the basic of embezzlement. The main difference between theft and embezzlement is the factor of trust. If trust is not there, the offense can very well be considered as theft. For this reason, to establish that you have committed embezzlement, the lawyers need to prove that you have been trusted with the money. Embezzlement too comes in different forms.

Money laundering is another kind of white collar. This offense takes place in three different stages. The money gets acquires through some illegal act like drug trafficking or kidnapping. Once the money is acquired the crime begins. The money gets placed in a financial institution. Once the money is placed in the institution, the layering part begins. The criminals separate the money from its source. They send it off to some offshore account. After a certain period of time they bring the money back through some business or institution.

Tax evasion is white collar too. Committing any type of white collar offense or getting arrested for this offense can be serious issues as this is considered to be felony. You would need solid legal assistance if you want to get away with light penalty or no penalty at all. It is really important that you get in touch with lawyers who are experienced in white collar crime defense. The defense strategy can be complicated. You would need to find people with expertise. Just any lawyer will not be able to help in this situation. Therefore, do your research before hiring someone for white collar defense.