Everything you need to know about DUI and probation violation


Every human makes mistakes, including drunk driving. A driving under influence (DUI) conviction is taken seriously due to its fatality, even to other road users especially fellow motorists. If you face a DUI conviction, you are likely to be placed behind bars for a while, a handful of fines, and the appearance of your name in criminal records and revocation or suspension of your driving license.

If you are arrested for driving under influence of alcohol or any other drug, then it’s important to place the dial to an attorney as soon as you can for your rights to be protected.

Facing criminal charges can cause mental and emotional strain and tension due to the charges that come with it. A good DUI lawyer is the kind who will return your calls and messages immediately so as to keep you updated on the progress of your case and answer any queries that you may have concerning the case.

DUI lawyers in Tampa are able to challenge the use of blood evidence to mount a defense and also challenge any unconstitutional arrest of the client to avoid violation of rights. It is possible for a knowledgeable DUI attorney to argue out that a Breathalyzer test was not administered properly and that the blood evidence was tampered with after collection. DUI cases can be more difficult than anyone would ever think, but with the help of an experienced attorney, things are likely to get easier.

A good dui attorney Tampa Florida can have the case withdrawn, charges reduced and the sentences lessened.

To achieve perfect legal representation in your DUI case, go for a lawyer who has years of experience in handling DUI cases.

Probation violation.

Probation lasts from one to five years. The sentencing process allows the lawbreaker to avoid jail and prison and go back to their normal activities as long as they adhere to the strict probation conditions. Violation of probation leads to dire legal measures such as the imposition of the original jail or prison sentence, travel limitations, and large monetary fines.

Probation conditions in Tampa.

The probation conditions include;

  • Completely doing away with alcohol and any other drug.
  • Regular attendance of meetings with a probation officer.
  • Abiding by court orders, judge mandates, all laws, and criminal statutes.
  • Giving clear information to probation officers on any changes in residence and work location.
  • Impromptu alcohol and drug tests.
  • Travel distance limitations by the court of law.

If you have been accused of going against the conditions of probation, you should contact a probation attorney for accurate advice in order to understand the rights that you hold during the probation hearing to avoid any trouble and also to keep your freedom intact. During probation hearings, the defendant holds a variety of rights such as;

  • The right to be heard by the judge in an unbiased way.
  • The right to present any necessary evidence and witnesses.
  • The right to legal representation by a Tampa probation attorney.
  • Right to receive notice, in writing, of any alleged probation violations.