Essential Information for the Victims of Slip and Fall Accident


So first of all, what is slip and fall accident? It means that when a person falls on the other person or a person falls on the property of the other person and the injury or trauma happens with the person, the accident which happens is known as slip and fall accident and the victim is known as slip and fall victim. Personal liability claims or slip and fall claims comes under this category. The main aim or objective of this type of liability is to prove that the accident or the injury happens in the premises of the culprit and the property owners are the only one who is accountable as the culprits and responsible for the accidents.

There are different type of properties which come under this category are commercial, residential, municipal, government and all other publically and privately owned properties comes under this category. If the accident or injury occurs on any other property then the victim has the right to claim for the injury or trauma because the injury happened or occurred in the culprit’s property. For all these proceedings, the victim needs an accident lawyer and without which one cannot claim for their injury and only accident lawyer can help them to win against the property owner.

Common causes and injuries

A huge number of causes are getting registered from last several years like unlevelled flooring, torn carpeting, wet floors, crumbling pavements, narrow staircases, poor lighting, neglected spills, building code violations and many more are the involved causes of the accident. Some other causes are like rain, fig, water etc. There are a huge number of injuries which can happen to the body of the victim due to these causes. The injuries can be muscle injuries, muscle tear, broken bone, dislocation, concussions, orthopaedic injuries, brain damage, head injuries and many more, which are not mentioned here.

Proving claim

Proving claim is one of the important aspects of the case and more precisely, all the case filing from the case proceeding occurs only because of the claim. Although there are several lawyers or law attorney which can the help the victims to get the claim from the insurance company or the owner which are doing all these from the last several years like Michigan auto accident attorney or the Michigan auto accident lawyer working from last several years for their clients.

But the main thing is that for proving the claim, the lawyer has to prove that the accident only happened because of the dangerous condition of the property or due to the careless nature of the property owner and after that, one could prove the claim. For example, if someone falls outside the coffee shop and has got the injury, there is no meaning of case and the person will not get the claim. If the person was going in to the coffee shop and falls because the shop owner showed careless behaviour on wiping the water from the floor due to the rain so the person has the strong case.