As a member of the European Union, England has no particularly strict entry requirements. However, to ensure that you do not experience any surprises when you arrive, it is important that you inform yourself in advance by seeking swift and professional immigration advice. To make your entry as easy as possible, here’s a summary of all the important information on entry requirements for England: what travel documents you need to bring, whether you need a visa, what the customs regulations look like, and what to expect at border controls.

As an EU citizen you are allowed to visit England any time. You do not need a visa for this. You need a bit more preparation if you do not have EU citizenship. A tip for those who often enter the UK and are not EU citizens should consult swift immigration services, which ensures easy entry into England. When traveling with your pet, make sure to bring all necessary documents in advance. A visit to the vet is always recommended before the trip.

Required documents and visa for entry

  1. If you are a citizen of Switzerland or an EU or EEA country, you will need either a valid passport or a valid ID card to enter England. However, you do not need a visa and can stay in England for an unlimited period of time. The passport or identity card must be valid for the duration of the entire stay.
  2. If you are not a citizen of the above mentioned countries then you need a visa for your trip to England. There are different types of visa for different purposes, but a simple Visitor’s Visa is enough for a tourist. Even if you travel to England for other reasons, such as business reasons, but have only planned a short stay, then you can enter with a Visitor’s Visa. Usually, these visas are valid for up to six months. In special cases, for example, if you have medical treatment in England, the Visitor’s Visa can also be issued for a longer period. According to entry requirements for England, you must apply for the visa prior to your arrival- earliest possible three months before the date of travel. Note, however, that it takes an average of three weeks to process the visa until the exhibition, so allow plenty of time. When entering the country with a visa, you must also prove that you are leaving within the prescribed time limit. This document may for example be a return ticket or a ticket for departure.
  3. If you are not a citizen of the above mentioned countries and are transferring in England with a connecting flight, you need a transit visa – even if you do not leave the airport in the meantime. There are two different types of transit visas, depending on whether you leave the airport in England or not. The Direct Airside Transit Visa is for those who fly immediately; the Visitor in Transit Visa which allows you to leave the airport in the meantime.