Employee Malpractice Investigations


Investigations in the workplace are never a pleasant affair, but they can be made as easy and as clean as possible with the intervention of professional employee malpractice investigations. This article will illustrate when and why you need these services to fulfil your corporate due diligencein order to protect customers and to keep the workplace safe for employees and employers in future.

The Code of Good Practice: Dismissal

This code is stipulated in the South African Labour Relations Act and most countries have something similar that serves the same purpose. In order to follow the legal procedures by the book and restructure the workplace for the betterment of the company, professional investigations are required.

The Role of the Employer in Employee Malpractice Investigations

When an employer suspects an employee is guilty of malpractice they will need proof. Accusing someone of this without proof can be detrimental to the company, and if the employer is wrong they may face legal action. This is why it is imperative that the employer is sure and has hard evidence before taking matters further. Once you have this evidence you will know exactly how deep this malpractice goes and what ramifications should follow.

If it is found that the employee is guilty of misconduct, then any evidence obtained during the investigation can be used during the disciplinary process, at arbitration or in the potential Labour Court ruling.

The Role of the Investigator in Employee Malpractice Investigations

The role of the investigator in this process is to shed light on how deep the suspected malpractice really goes. It may be that they are knowingly costing the company money by misusing resources, wasting time, or even through more insidious activities like stealing or embezzling from the company.

Whether an employee is moonlighting, feigning illness or misusing company vehicles or other assets the investigator will capture evidence of this through static or mobile surveillance to bring the activities to a halt and open disciplinary hearings.

Steps to Take to Avoid the Same Situation in Future

To avoid employing someone who is likely to cause the same mess in the future, make use of employee background screening services. This way you can guarantee that the person has not been found guilty of any malpractice previouslyas well asensuring that all the potential employee’s documentation is valid before hiring them.

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