Do You Want to Be a Legal Secretary?


With a rising number of people opting to participate in legal secretary training in London to kick-start their legal secretary careers, today we are here to explain to all why we believe this is, with the ultimate intention of enabling those considering this career to understand whether they are making the greatest decision. What are legal secretaries? Is it the right job for you? Keep on reading to discover the answers to these questions and more…

What Do Legal Secretaries Do?

The foremost role of a legal secretary is to provide administrative support and services for lawyers, solicitors and legal executives. They are there to ensure that offices run smoothly and efficiently so that their employers can spend the majority of their time focusing on serving their clients.

Of course like within any industry the role of a legal secretary can vary dramatically from company to company, however typical responsibilities generally include the following:

  • Organising and operating office filing systems
  • Typing and processing a range of legal documents such as appeals, summonses and subpoenas
  • Taking phone calls
  • Scheduling meetings for and organising the calendars of employers
  • General administrative errands such as faxing, ordering stationary and photocopying

If you have a methodical approach to work, and an interest in law – This could be the perfect career choice for you.

Skills Needed To Be a Great Legal Secretary

There are many skills needed to become a great legal secretary, and the more skills you have the better. Some of the skills in which can be highly advantageous include: good typing skills, the ability to understand legal jargon, a friendly and approachable nature, computer literacy, the ability to multi-task, advanced proofreading abilities, great attention to detail, exceptional communication skills and the ability to work under pressure.

Kick-Starting Your Career

If you think that a career as a legal secretary would suit you perfectly then you are in luck – You will be happy to discover that this is not something that you need to go to university for.

Those interested in becoming legal secretaries however are advised to take part in relevant courses to gain relevant qualification – This is not essential but can really help people to get the best legal secretary jobs available.

There are a range of these courses available, with the option for full-time short courses, part time courses and even online distant learning courses. The courses can be tailored to suit your individual circumstances, allowing for you to gain your qualification as quickly or as relaxed as possible.

Look into your options today. We are sure that you will be able to find a course to suit you, and are certain that you won’t regret your decision. Working as a legal secretary can be enjoyable and rewarding and really is for many the best job possible.