Do You Think You Can Become A Crime Scene Cleaner?


Are you looking to switching your career? Have you considered trying out to become a Crime scene cleaner? There is an essential career in crime scene cleanup. Such job is very crucial, without these professional cleaners life would be hard and unbearable for homicide, accident, and suicide victims.

The most crucial job of a cleaner is maintaining an area to become both hazard and infection free. The cleaners undergo hard training to make sure that all regulations about body fluids and blood born pathogens are followed. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) enforces strict requirements when disposing of human blood, body parts, pieces, organs, and body fluids. During the cleaning, cleaners are mandated to wear protective gears.

For any cleanup scenes, cleaners must remove all traces of the incident. They have to complete the task promptly and put everything back in their original places as much as they can.

Cleaners do this arduous task with apparent risk; some even take long hours to finish.

Crime Scene Cleaner Qualifications

Formal education is not a requirement for becoming a crime scene cleaner. Aspiring cleaners will need to complete OSHA training. Below are some of the training that you will join:

  • Personal protective equipment training
  • Bloodborne pathogen training
  • Heat-illness awareness training
  • Respiratory protection training

If you are seriously thinking of taking a job as a crime scene cleaner, bear in mind that it is not easy work. You are in for long hours and serious manual labor. When entering such work, a clear understanding of the job is needed to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Above all, a crime scene cleaner must have that commitment to the job and the families they cater and serve. And this will include showing compassion and integrity while following the health and safety regulations to cover everyone that is involved in the process.

Crime Scene Cleanups

CSI makes the job look exciting on TV. But there are a lot more to just cleaning up after a crime has been committed. Crime scene cleaners also are on call 24/7, and they are expected to complete a unique set of tasks which are:

  • death cleanup
  • unattended death cleanup
  • accident cleanup
  • biohazard cleanup
  • meth lab cleanup
  • meth lab-related death cleanup
  • decomposed body cleanup
  • filth cleanup
  • hoarding cleanup
  • homicide cleanup
  • murder cleanup
  • tear gas cleanup
  • tragedy cleanup

Cleaning up crime scenes can cause a psychological toll. Crime scene cleaners often deal with the bodies due to murder or accident. They see things that can cause emotional distress. It can be difficult at times for them to not think of their jobs when they are at home, especially if they’ve encountered something troubling. When going into this profession, one should be well aware of what they should expect once they become a crime scene cleaner.

A crime scene cleaner can earn between $35,000 a year up to $80,000 a year. There is no need for a college degree to become one, but you must have like an iron-clad stomach and that willingness to do such things that are usually for a majority of people it’s not something they can and will do.