Different Types Of The Child Custody Arrangement

The child custody case is an emotion ordeal for the parent, and the Child Custody Lawyer handles the two different kinds of the child custody such as legal custody and physical custody. The physical custody law describes the child custody to permit the parent to live with her or his child. The experienced family lawyer handles the various types of the cases that involve the family, and they help to cover the legal procedure.  The court decides the child custody will always make the decision based on the interest of the children. The child custody cases and the child visitation arrangement are established in the divorce and the other separation. The child custody is the standard concept of the divorce, and the lawyer works with the clients to help their secure custody of their child. The interest of the child depends upon some factors such as the health of the parent, child preference, quality of the school in the given locale, environmental stability, ability of the parent to provide the food, clothing, shelter, education expenses, medical care, and others.

Types of the child custody arrangement

There are many different types of the child custody arrangement, and they are joint custody, physical custody, legal custody, bird’s nest custody, sole custody and others.

Legal custody

The legal child custody gives the right to make the decision about the children upbringing. The benefits of the legal custody are allowed both the parent take the decision about the child. This type of the custody allows making the decision about the child health care, schooling, medical care, religion, discipline, and others. The courts are award the joint custody and allow the parent to share these rights of their child.

 Physical child custody

The physical child custody has the right the child physically live with you, and the advantages of the physical child custody allow every parent to spend the maximum time with their child. Many states recognize the joint physical child custody where the child lives with every parent equal time. This type of the custody gives happy for the both parent because the child spends the equal time with each parent.

Joint child custody

The joint child custody occurs when the both parents agree on the court order to share the decision-making responsibility for the child. The both parents will agree with the schedules to making the arrangement works and assures the child continue the contact and also involvement with the both parent.  The child alleviates some burdens of the parenting to every parent.  The Child Custody Lawyer helps you to make the decision in your child custody cases.

Sole child custody

This type of the custody has right only one parent has the child custody, and the other parent permitted only to the visitation right of the child. In the modernly Court is moving away from the arrangement of the child in danger in one parent. The court grants the visitation rights to the other parent.