Details about child custody

Divorce is not at all a topic which people love discussing and a divorce results in a lot of mental trauma in most cases. It is all the more difficult for couples who have children and it is very important that they work very hard in order to ensure that the children have a secured future. If the parents are themselves not able to decide between themselves as to who will take the custody of their children , then a petition can be filed in the court and the court will decide as to who will get the custody of the children.

After the petition has been filed for the custody of the children, then the court will either grant a joint custody or grant a sole custody to his parents. In case of joint custody both the children have the right to take decisions regarding the children and for sole custody, only one parent who is referred to as the custodial parent has the right to take decisions for the children.

There are two types of custody that a parent can get and given below are the two types of custody discussed in details:

  • Physical Custody: This type of custody actually refers to the physical custody where a parent receives the right to the physical care of the child and also gets the right for the daily supervision and the habitation of the child.
  • Legal Custody: This right involves the decision making rights and such rights include the health, education and the welfare of the child.

When one of the parents get the primary custody, then the other parent normally gets visitation rights so that they are able to spend time with their children. Most of the countries provide joint custody to parents unless this joint right has a negative impact on the child.

At times the court also considers the interest of the third parties in granting the custody of the child such as siblings and grandparents. In case a child is abundant by his parents then in that case another adult have the option of filing a petition for the child’s custody. In case the grand parents or other interested parties are filing a petition to get visitation rights of the child, they can also get it.

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