Collaborative Divorce: Is It Right for You?


On your wedding day, the thought of divorce was the furthest thing from your minds. But now you realize that it’s time to part ways. Neither of you are happy about it, but you’re not sure where to go from here. When you’re going through a divorce, it’s best to have attorneys in family law working for you.

Even better, look for firms of attorneys such as Noelke Maples St Leger Bryant, LLP, who practice nothing but family law. That way, the entire team from the paralegals to the senior partners can bring their experience to bear on your case if necessary. Why is this important?

Because divorce laws are complicated. Different states have different rules. In Texas, for example, a firm such as divorce attorneys Austin will have all the skill sets necessary to guide you through the process. They’ll also be familiar with the local court procedures and the judge who may decide your case.

Or would you be more comfortable with attorneys known for their ability to get fair divorce settlements without painful court battles? If you and your spouse would prefer to avoid a courtroom altogether, some firms such as Noelke Maples St Leger Bryant, LLP offer a collaborative divorce process in addition to litigation or mediation.

How Does Collaborative Divorce Work?

In a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse will have your attorneys with you during your meetings. Their job is to see that each meeting is productive. In order to do it, however, each of them will be there to understand and accept both your points of view.

The goal of the collaborative process is make sure that both parties have whatever support they need from experts qualified to give it. Sometimes this means including professionals like marriage or family therapists and financial consultants. This is especially important when the spouses can’t communicate, or when the marriage’s dynamics favor one over the other.

Each meeting is structured to move you closer to a fair, mutually positive settlement. Once you get there, the attorneys will draft a settlement agreement. You’ll review the draft and make the changes you require until both of you are satisfied.

The Bottom Line

Face it. A divorce is hard on everyone involved. But for couples who want to keep their relationship as cordial as possible during and after the ordeal, a collaborative divorce may be what they’re searching for. If you think that includes you and your spouse, turn to a firm such as divorce attorneys Austin for help!