Changes Signaled After Angela Corey Replacement


The replacement of Angela Corey as Florida state attorney signals that things may be changing in the state. Corey was called the “cruelest prosecutor in America” and “one of the most reviled prosecutors in Florida”, but she is being replaced by Melissa Nelson, who has promised to bring integrity back to the state prosecution system. She described the removal of Corey by voters, along with a number of other state prosecutors who have attracted controversy, as a backlash from the electorate.

And the Florida Supreme Court ruling that the death penalty can only be imposed by the judge if there is unanimous support from the jury suggests that Florida’s death row could soon be cleared out. In several high profile cases, death sentences have been commuted to life imprisonment, for example.

That doesn’t mean that people won’t be charged, though, and when they are, they need the services of a decent law firm with experience and a good track record.

That’s where the Khonsari Law Group comes in. It was founded in 2011 by Rohom Khonsari, who remains the managing partner. He is a former prosecutor at the Pinellas County State Attorney’s Office, which gives him unrivalled knowledge of how the prosecution system works. Based in St Petersburg, the firm is dedicated to helping clients charged with the full range of criminal offences.

Khonsari Law Group represents clients charged with assault and battery, drug-related crimes, driving under the influence of alcohol, including in cases where someone is killed, manslaughter, juvenile cases, probation violation, theft, vehicular homicide and white collar crime. The firm can also help with sealing or expunging a criminal record.

Khonsari Law Group offers a free initial consultation to anyone who has been arrested and is facing charges on any of the above counts.

Assault and battery cases lead to some of the most severe sentences in the state of Florida, but a good defense can prevent that happening. Defenses can include self-defense, protecting a third party or defending your home and property, and it is crucial that your case is made as early as possible to prevent a bad outcome.

Drug crime is one of the most common causes of arrest in the U.S., and getting a lawyer on your case quickly is essential. KLG has years of experience in dealing with cases like this.

In terms of alcohol, the priority is to keep a driving under the influence charge off the client’s record, and KLG has a good record of achieving this. The law governing how breathalyser tests are carried out is very detailed, and some police officers make mistakes, invalidating their case. An experienced lawyer can address this.

With juvenile cases, the crucial issue is whether your child will be tried in a juvenile or adult court. If the latter, they could have a permanent record which could affect them for the remainder of their lives in terms of getting into college or finding a good job. Therefore, KLG uses its experience to negotiate for trial in a juvenile court, with lesser consequences.

Khonsari Law Group is experienced in dealing with probation violation cases and can help you if you are charged with anything from theft to homicide. Being charged with a criminal offense is a stressful and frightening experience, so getting the right lawyer is essential. This group has the experience necessary to help its clients in the most professional manner.