Caught Driving while Suspended? Then you’d Better Get Ready for the Serious Consequences


Just like the majority of us good people, you more than likely depend on your vehicle to get to work, go shopping, and take the children to school, and similar other types of routine but important duties.

Having your driving license suspended has made quite a difference in your daily life, and can make the idea of driving with a suspended license, somewhat tempting. After all, the police haven’t stopped you for many years, so what’s the chances of it occurring today?

Rolling the Dice

However, to avoid making a bad situation worse and rolling the dice of fate, you really should not get behind the wheel of your car while your license is under suspension, don’t take the risk of the penalties which come with driving with a suspended license.

A license suspension can happen in a number of ways.

  • The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in many states may call for a “mandatory suspension,” which is deemed necessary, for certain offences.
  • The DMV might also call for a “permissive suspension,” where it is decided on a case-by-case basis if someone’s license should be suspended.
  • Should there also be a conviction for a traffic offence, like speeding or driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs, the judge can also suspend a driver’s license.

Crime and Punishment

And even though a can be a serious matter, in nearly all cases, it can be easily dealt with by easily sticking to the court’s or DMV’s orders and refraining from any driving with a suspended license.

  • It is totally against the law to drive with a suspended licence, unless you have been granted an exceptional case by the authorities that issued the suspension. If you get caught, there will be harsh consequences.

Depending on the reason for your suspension, your case may be treated as a crime or an offence. If it is indeed an offence, you may be hit with some serious fines. On the other hand, if you are to be prosecuted criminally, you may end up with prison time and made to pay fines. In any case, you will definitely need a driving while suspended lawyer in Perth, as soon as possible.

With Regards to Your Vehicle

In addition to a jail sentence and fines, you might even have your car registration suspended and also your car impounded. This means that your car will be towed and stored, thus leaving you responsible for the hefty costs of towing and storage, and no car until every cost has been paid.

  • In addition, the registration of the vehicle that you were caught driving in, may even be suspended, even if the car belongs to someone else and is not yours.
  • All that matters, is if it can be clearly shown that the car’s owner was aware that you did not have a valid driver’s license when he or she let you take it out.

Whatever the case might be, contact legal professionals to improve your future options.