Car Accidents Can Lead to Fires


Driving a car to work every day is a habit, a routine. They become our home away from home. We drive them around like nothing wrong will ever happen, but the truth is that the risk of driving doesn’t decrease over time. The risk remains the same and sometimes the accidents that happen aren’t just between two cars hitting each other. Sometimes other factors or reasons for car accidents are obstacles in the road, poor road conditions, and tire blowouts.

Tire blowouts are dangerous because you can’t really predict when they are going to happen. When they do happen it is incredibly hard to control the vehicle and can cause multiple car pile up. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 400 deaths and over 78,000 crashes every year are caused by tire blowouts. Underinflated tires made up 10% which caused the tire blowouts. Tire blowouts do not discriminate which vehicle is affected. If you are driving in the middle lane and experience a blow out you are prime to collide with any vehicle that is around you.

This unfortunate event occurred and result in a man nearly dying due to being trapped in his truck while it was on fire. The driver of the pickup truck experienced a tire blow out which caused him to lose control and slam into two neighboring cars. One of those cars then hit two other cars. The truck driver’s door became jammed in the accident and the cab began to fill up with smoke as the vehicle started to catch fire. If it weren’t for a good samaritan who stopped and pulled the truck driver out, the man would not have survived. All the drivers of the accident survived, but there was a slim chance for the truck driver’s survival had the stranger not pulled him out.

In this particular accident, over 5 cars were affected. This means that there is a potential for multiple lawsuits. Car accidents like this are not few and far between, they are more often than not. Tires blow out and cars and trucks fishtail or come to abrupt stops on major highways all the time. Most common reasons for tire blowouts are not checking tire pressure,  driving fast over multiple potholes, not check tire tread, and not keeping up with changing tires that may have been torn already.

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