Becoming a Notary in Florida


A notary is an important position when it comes to signing important paperwork. Notaries serve as a witness and the body that confirms that identity of all those who sign these important documents. If you are looking to become a notary, here is how to become a notary in Florida.

Fill Out Your Application

The first step in becoming a notary in the state of Florida is to fill out a simple application form. This form will ask all of the standard questions most forms ask including your name, phone number, address and more. The application will also need to have with it an education completion certificate and your application fee.

Complete Your Educational Requirements

While you can send in your application before your complete your educational requirements, you must have your education certificate before the application will be processed and your individual notary stamp created. For residents of Florida, all first-time notary applicants will be required to take a three-hour certification course in order to complete their applications and become certified by the Department of State and Department of Financial Services. Those renewing a notary certification will not have to complete this requirement.

Protect Yourself and Your Notary Certification

Once you become a notary in the state of Florida, it is important to consider purchasing Errors and Omissions insurance. This type of insurance for notaries helps to protect the notary from inclusion in lawsuits due to errors made during any notary process. It runs concurrent with your term as a notary and is the best way to make sure that you are not caught up in legal or financial issues without a way to protect yourself and your reputation as a notary in the state of Florida.