Barney Injury Law and Personal Injury Lawyers in Virginia Beach


We can never tell when accidents happen on the road, in our workplace, at home, in the parks or shopping malls and even on the beach. If we are the victim, we cannot always tell who to blame. Even those who witness the accident may even sometimes have different stories to tell. Anyway, if we are in this kind of situation, the best person to talk to is a lawyer because you had an injury.

When it comes to the legal terms used by lawyers, once you were injured physically, mentally or emotionally, that is personal injury. We have here a related site that can explain you more about what a personal injury is. And then, since we are talking legal terms here, you need to have a personal injury lawyer, especially if you are planning to file a case or to sue someone in the court for what happened.

The role of your personal injury lawyer is to give you legal services. Due to someone’s carelessness or negligence, you suffered and got injured, so you have the right to get a lawyer to help you manage the issue. You have to make sure that the lawyer that you will get practiced tort law. This is an area, where a lawyer is an expert in facing personal injury cases.

Finding a lawyer in Virginia Beach

Once you were a victim or the offender in Virginia, you need to get a personal injury lawyer, who will defend you in the court. So, if you are from Virginia and met an accident on the beach, then you better look for the Barney Injury Law Office.

It could have been better if the accused will admit that he has done wrong and without any intention to do it. But, sometimes, the accused runs away and insists that it is not his fault. So, he should not be blamed for the accident. Sometimes, they even say that it is the victim’s fault that’s why they ended up in such situations.

Filing a Personal Injury Case in Virginia

If you already have a lawyer in Virginia to manage your personal injury case, then he will decide where to file it because the court’s in Virginia hear cases, where the value lies at around $4,500. And then, if you are going to file it in the circuit court, then it must worth $25,000. After the case, you need to file your claim and that is under a limited time only, which is two years.

The process for this case will undergo interrogations, where you will be questioned and you need to answer that under oath. The opposing lawyer will also conduct interviews. And then, you are requested for medical examinations.

You may be rewarded with damages for the loses you got because of the injury. This reward could be your medical bills or the wages that you have lost. This monetary reward has no limit. If you were injured intentionally, then you are also entitled to a punitive damage, but the reward for this is limited by the state.