Australian Immigration Policy and the ways you can Migration to the Country like Australia


Today, according to statistics, almost every fourth person in Australia was born abroad. Despite significant changes in the life of Australian society and Australia’s position in the world, immigration and related phenomena are still one of the foundations of public life.

The immigration policy of the Australian authorities is fully described by the fact that Australia is one of four countries apart from Canada, the United States and New Zealand that officially announced the admission of immigrants and designated annual quotas. Modern immigration policy of Australia aims to achieve the following objectives: attracting migrants whose qualifications and professional experience correspond to the needs of the country’s economy; counteracting illegal immigration; development of the principles of a multicultural society.

The Organizational structure of Migration Policy

  • The modern migration policy of Australia is aimed at achieving the following goals: attracting migrants whose qualifications and professional experience correspond to the needs of the country’s economy, counteracting illegal immigration, developing the principles of a multicultural society.
  • The system of migration policy management in Australia has a centralized structure. The implementation of the migration policy of the country as a whole is the responsibility of the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs – DIMIA).
  • The Department of Immigration, established in 1945, received its current name on November 26, 2001, when the new coalition government of the country announced the merger of two departments: the Department of Immigration, Local Government and Ethnic Affairs Multicultural Affairs and the Department of Aboriginal Affairs.

The tasks of the Department include:

  • consideration of applications for entry, stay and work in the country,
  • immigration control,
  • the fight against illegal immigration,
  • integration of immigrants,
  • granting citizenship,
  • the development of inter-ethnic relations and the principles of a multicultural society

Programs of Permanent Immigration

The central object of immigration policy of Australia is permanent immigration or resettlement, among which are:

  • immigration of qualified professionals and business immigration;
  • immigration through family reunification;
  • Humanitarian immigration and reception of refugees.

The number of qualified specialists / business immigration and family reunion coming through the immigration channels is approved by the government within the framework of the so-called migration program (Migration Program). The Australian Government is going to abandon the old practice of annual planning of the number of immigrants and move to the practice of four-year planning. It is assumed that the quantitative parameters of the migration program will be maintained at the level of 100,000 migrants on average per year.

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