Arapahoe County Bail Bonds


If a family member or friend finds themselves under arrest in Arapahoe County, Colorado, you will most likely want to bail them out. Depending on their charges, you may have to wait until the inmate has been arraigned. Some charges have automatic bail amounts set that will enable you to bail out your loved one quickly and easily.

Bail guarantees the appearance of the inmate at their future court dates. If you take on the responsibility of bailing out your friend or loved one, you will lose any money that you pay should they not appear on the date and time set by the courts. You need to know the person well enough to know that they will absolutely appear in court. This responsibility ultimately should not be taken lightly.

There are several different types of bail that can be set. If the bond is cash only, then the entire amount will need to be paid in order for your friend or family member to get released. If the bond is a property bond, then arrangements will need to be made with the court clerk as these are not handled by the detention facility. If the bond is a personal recognizance bond, your loved one will be released upon his or her own signature and no money will need to be paid.

One of the most common bonds is a surety bond. This will require the services of a licensed bondsman Arapahoe County Colorado who will pay the bond amount with a percentage in either cash, collateral or both paid in advance. Bail bond companies usually charge 10 to 15 percent of the total bond amount. Once again, if your loved one fails to show up at their court date, you will lose your cash and collateral to the bail bond company.

In most cases, it is an easy choice to bail out your friend or loved one. If the bond type is a surety bond, you need to trust your bondsman. Their vast experience makes it so that bondsman Arapahoe County Colorado will prove to be your best choice.