Appoint A Correct Attorney In Seattle for Your Type of Dispute


Sometimes a simple discussion becomes an argument and before you could understand what happened, the whole situation becomes litigious. This is only one simple instance; things are more complex in litigation world. There are hundreds of different matters of disputes like property related matters, criminal offence, defamation, ill-will, forgery, and so on.

Whether you are a defendant (you are being sued or accused in the court of law) or plaintiff (you brought a case against another in the court), it is utmost important that the issue is presented by an appropriate attorney in the court of law. This is because legal system is a vast field with very complex rules and laws in place and there are numerous loop holes. Only a specialist attorney for each or similar types of litigation could pull off the situation in your favour.

Seattle follows the legal system laid down by Washington State Laws. The litigations can be categorized under common types

Business and Commercial Litigation

Businesses ought to follow pre-defined legal rules and code of ethics. Any legal or ethical breach will lead to litigation for financial settlement or sometimes criminal sentence for any immoral act.

Business litigations are result of disputes between individuals and businesses or between two business entities. While the commercial litigation is concernedonly withdisputes that occur between commercial businesses or companies.

These kinds of litigations involve partners, shareholders, business owners, competing businesses, lenders, venders, or between other parties.

You can seek the legal advice from a commercial litigation lawyer in case litigationinvolves

  • breach of contract,
  • breach of fiduciary duty,
  • copyright infringement,
  • fraud, trademark infringement,
  • unfair competition,
  • indemnity,
  • defamation,
  • construction disputes.
  • Mergers between corporations

Public Interest Litigation

In case any action inhibits or damage the existing practices of a community, the state or local courts, with the help of public interest attorney, initiate public interest litigation. The issues such as environmental damage, illegal environment practice, and serious activities affecting public health,could qualify for such litigation to be contested. Any institution or individual who is found guilty of allegations put forward under this litigation, are taken for financial or criminal punishment.

Personal Injury Litigation

The case of injuries incurred due to negligence of others can be taken to court for financial compensation. ASeattle personal injury attorneywho specializes in personal injury litigations can recover the whole or partial compensation from the defendant. The personal injury may occur due to car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, slip &fall accidents, pedestrian accidents, wrongful deaths and brain injuries.

Mesothelioma Litigation

This is a special type of litigation category introduced in the legal framework in 1960 when the people became aware of a serious health problem called Mesothelioma. It is a cancerous disease acquired by an exposure to agents called asbestos. The defendants in such litigations are manufacturers of asbestos-containing products, construction companies, mining companies and ship building companies. Due to increase in cases of Mesothelioma, there were also an increase in number of litigations against the companies who knowingly exposed their employees to asbestos agents without any relevant protection or warnings. There are tons of experienced Mesothelioma attorney who are being practicing in Seattle city.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is the broadest practice under law. It refers to disputes between two or more parties such as landlord/tenant disputes, product liability, personal injury, intellectual property, construction disputes, real estate disputes, anti-trust, medical malpractice, and more. In simple words, any conflict in which plaintiff is seeking monetary settlements rather than any criminal sanctions, a civil litigation must be filed with the help of civil litigation lawyer.

Criminal Litigations

Situations involving criminal acts such as intentional life-threatening activities, provoking others to indulge in crime, terrorism, etc. calls for a criminal litigation attorney. Criminal litigations are raised for demanding legal sentence (jail or capital punishment) along with financial fine, leveraged over a defendant.

Patent Litigation

War of patenting and trademarking is on since industrial and technological advancements. Infringement on patents or trademarks of one party by the another can lead to patent litigation. This includes production and selling of patented products or services without the consent of original inventor. Such lawsuits can win a hefty amount of compensation for the plaintiff, if the breach is justified.

Public& Federal Public Defender

Fair trial is everyone’s right as per United States Constitution. For those who cannot afford costly legal representations on their own, they have been assigned a public defender to contest a trial. Assigned by a local or federal agency, these public defenders are legal experts for representing both, criminal and civil cases.

A federal public defender is offered to an individual who is being accused of a federal criminal offense.

Litigations are very unpleasant, time and money consuming. The legal attorneys prefer to make a financial settlement prior to approaching the court. But do not hold yourself back and choose a right solicitorand attorney if injustice is being forced upon you.