Accident Attorney 101: What an Accident lawyer Can Do for You


If you’ve been in an accident, you may be going through some of the worst moments of your life. The accident itself is difficult, and then there are injuries to get over, hospital bills to pay and perhaps a legal process to go through. All of this can be overwhelming to anyone. If you’re hesitant to reach out to an accident attorney, then it’s important to know what a lawyer can do for you.

Vetting Process

An accident attorney Tampa will investigate the potential claims for merit. If the lawyer does not believe there is a shot at winning, he or she will not take it. To find the right attorney, you should also ask plenty of questions. Find out who you are working with, what his or her credentials are and how he or she will expect payment. While the attorney will research your merits, you can do the same to ensure that you found a good one.

Investigation Process

Gathering evidence is part of what an accident attorney does. Often, this includes the following:

  • Tracking down police reports
  • Tracking down witnesses
  • Retaining photographic evidence

This evidence may establish who caused the accident and the extent of damages suffered. Medical reports, bills, employee documents and property damage reports are also included in evidence.

Negotiation Process

An Accident attorney will negotiate for you. While you may not be skilled in the art of negotiation, you can rest assured that a lawyer is. They will review policies and determine the compensation that you deserve. You don’t have to deal with communicating with the insurance company because the lawyer will do it for you. This will keep you from doing anything to hurt your claim.

Representation Process

If the case goes to trial, rather than pleading out or settling, then the attorney serves as your representation. He or she will handle the court customs and all procedures. After all, your lawyer knows this environment well. You are never expected to represent yourself. Most of the preparation is in the hands of the professional. This allows you to relax a little and to not worry about putting the case together.

Car accidents can be devastating. It’s worse when you try to represent yourself against insurance companies or the other driver. It’s already a trying time after an accident; the lawyer can help deal with the burden and help you receive your settlement or any damages.