A List of the Top Benefits and Advantages of Patent Protection for Your Clients


It’s not always easy when you’re dealing with a person who claims to have found the next best thing since sliced bread – in fact, it’s sometimes hard when you’re dealing with those creative minds. A client comes to you and says he or she has developed a new application that can reduce traffic considerably by simply logging on; a client claims he or she has developed a new medicine that can prevent obesity in a safe way… It all sounds great – and it is.

Unfortunately, the creative scientists in the world aren’t always looking after their own interests, and that’s where you come in: you have to make sure your clients are protected and will experience the benefits of their labours. Ever wonder what you can do? Here is a list of the top benefits and advantages of patent protection for your clients.

Protecting their rights

Once you’ve got an invention or innovation patented, it becomes impossible for an outsider to claim it as their own; it has been registered as intellectual property and therefore becomes a solid commodity to deal with. Getting a patent does not just protect the inventor from intellectual theft, it also ensures that whatever financial gains there may be in the future, it is defensible and – perhaps more importantly – documented to be used in the legal system in case of problems in the future.

Higher profits

Once someone has a patent, they are sure no other party can use their invention for their own personal gain without prior permission. This ensures leverage in deal-making and can lead to substantial profits in the future.

Expanding the market

Not only does a patent ensure your client has sole rights to the profits of the products, it also ensures no other party can enter the market without their permission – hence, they may be able to secure a monopoly.

Reducing competition

The competition does not have the rights – you and your client can reduce them. In today’s market, that’s a great feat.

Better chances in court

Your client and their invention are documented. They are legitimate. They can challenge anyone abusing their ideas without their permission.

If you’ve ever had a client who is creative and has ideas that could actually make a big difference, they may have an attitude of indifference regarding what other people may think. It’s often what creativity is made of, and ideals are often more important than the hard facts of life. The truth is that inventions need to be protected – and the rights of the inventors even more. The world needs them, after all. Protect them; encourage them, and look after their interests so they can do the great things they’re made to do. And to make patent processing for your client even faster and easier, take advantage of patent software – it’s out there if you know where to look.