7 quick tips to help you validate your worker’s compensation claim


Injuries at the workplace have become a common thing these days. However, the mistake that most people do is failing to attend to the injury right away. This gives room for the injury to escalate further into a severe complication. Furthermore, not most workers know that they can be compensated for any injuries suffered in the workplace. But even so, it is essential that the right steps are taken to ensure that the compensation is successful.

Following these tips will help you avoid a wrongful denial of your worker’s compensation or unjust termination of employment following the injury.

Report the injuries immediately

Once you suffer an injury at the workplace, it is critical that you report the case to the relevant authorities immediately. Ensure that your human resources personnel is aware of the injury and also the workers union in your company. This will help improve your chances of getting your rightful benefits in case all goes awry.

Gather witnesses

Keeping in mind that all legal battles rely on evidence, you have to ensure that you have proof that you sustained your injury at the workplace. In this regard, you should gather any witnesses at the scene of the injury and keep their names in case you need them to back up your compensation claim.

Seek immediate medical attention

You do not want to be following up on possible compensation with an injury that has already gotten out of hand. The right thing to do when you get an injury at work is to seek medical attention as soon as you can. Immediate medical care will also act as proof that the injury was severe enough. Otherwise, you will lose the claim.

Provide a clear and truthful account of what happened

Lying in a legal case is considered a criminal offense. When you are seeking compensation for a work injury, you need to tell nothing but the truth of what happened on that fateful day. Also, remember that consistency is vital, if your statements seem to differ at one point or the other, then there is a high possibility that you will lose your claim.

Give the authorization to access your medical forms

In a workers compensation case, the insurance company will want access to your medical report to assess the credibility of your claim. When this happens, do not refuse to sign the authorization form. If you have second thoughts about this, you can consult with a workers compensation lawyer first.

Never accept to issue a recorded statement

Sometimes the insurer may request a report from you on what happened. Some will even ask that you issue a tape-recorded statement. While this may seem okay, sometimes it is best if you consult with a specialized lawyer before you take any actions.

Attend all your medical appointments as scheduled

For a work injury, it is imperative that you do not miss any of your medical appointments. In fact, you should make sure that all the appointments plus your attendance are recorded clearly. This will prevent the insurer from making assumptions regarding the severity of your injury.

In this day and age, suffering a work injury should not stress you over if and when you will be compensated. Just follow the tips provided above to ensure that your claim pushes through without much hassle.