5 Ways A DUI Will End Your Career


Something expected from the events after one is charged with a DUI is a change in life. There is no way you are going to lead the same life as usual at first and potentially much longer than that. Of particular note is the career life. A DUI arrest and charge can ruin your career.

How a DUI Crashes Your Career

  • Driver’s License Issues: In the event of a DUI, your driver’s license could be suspended and this will mean you have to resort to other methods of unreliable transportation.
  • Employer Decision: In any job application, you are asked if you have ever been convicted of a crime before. Admitting that you have been charged with a DUI will, most likely, affect hiring.
  • Licensing Problems: Many professionals require special licenses to perform their jobs. Acquiring professional licenses might become impossible.

Other Effects of DUI on Your Career

  • Being professionally insured: You may lose your liability insurance due to the DUI charge. Worse still, your employer could lose their license for keeping you as an employee. They have to fire you.
  • Commercial Driving: If you are a commercial driver and get arrested for a DUI, there is a mandatory loss of license for one year on the first offense. If there is a second offense or more, the license will be permanently suspended for commercial driving.


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