5 Tips for Choosing the Right Lawyer for Your Case


If you have been arrested for a crime, even if it is something minor like being a little over the blood alcohol limit while you were driving, it is vital that you hire a lawyer. Having a lawyer means ensuring the best possible outcome from your case. Here are five tips for choosing the right lawyer.

  1. Experience

It is vital that you hire an attorney that has experience with the area and field of your case. For instance, a lawyer from your city that specializes in DUI cases will be able to help you a lot more than an elite criminal defense attorney who specializes in murders and comes from a different state.

  1. Free Consultation

Any attorney worth their salt will offer you a free consultation, as it allows both parties to know each other better.

  1. References

Make sure that you get some references from the attorney about previous clients, because you want to know who they have represented in the past. If you have a friend or family member who has used that lawyer, it is even better, as you have a firsthand account of what they can and cannot do for you.

  1. Ask About Credentials

It may seem a bit crass if you are in a lawyer’s office and you ask them about their credentials. But you want to make sure that you know where your lawyer went to law school, and whether or not they are properly registered with the bar in that state.

  1. Vibe

Sometimes we have to go on our instinct, and you can always get a vibe from a lawyer on your first meeting. If you feel like they do not care about your case, or they are just brushing you off, then you may want to find someone who will care more about the outcome in your case.