4 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer


Guardianship lawyers, also known as child custody attorneys, deal with the dynamics of a child custody case usually following a divorce, or case of negligence by parents. Like any legal case, the quality of the attorney is vitally important to the success of the case and acquisition of a desirable outcome. The extra time and energy put into validating a lawyer’s skills can be repaid multiple times over through a desirable outcome.

The first questions to ask are one’s assessing the validity of a lawyer’s position and skill. A vitally important question is simply, what is your professional experience? Both the quality and quantity of his experience are important for judging the quality of a lawyer. If he has handled numerous child custody cases, and constantly has clients asking for his help, along with several documented successes, you can assume he is a valid lawyer who can help you succeed. If, however, he is unable or reluctant to provide past experiences, and he seems somewhat secretive about who he is, this can be a sign of some insecurity and this lawyer may not be the best choice, purely based on professional skill.

Another question one must ask is his general disposition toward child custody cases. He needs to be with you at every step along the proceedings of the case, and he needs to be there to offer strong legal advice and know the general mechanisms of a court case. If he specifically deals with child custody cases, you can rest assured he will be committed to your cause and truly care about your verdict. A dedicated lawyer is just as important as a skilled lawyer.

Thirdly, it is important to understand how your lawyer has assessed your case. This assessment may include whether or not a court date is needed, alternate methods such as arbitration, and the amount of time which the case will take. An experienced lawyer will have a good grasp on all of these aspects of a court case, and should be able to provide with this information with minimal trouble on both your and his behalves.

Finally, is it important to note the cost. While your child may be important to you, you do not want to be indebted for years to come due to an exceedingly expensive attorney. However, avoid at all costs going for a lower cost attorney while sacrificing quality. Find the best cost vs benefit. Weighing the attorney’s answers to the previous question against his costs can be the best way to find the most effective lawyer.