4 Common Reasons Why People Seek Legal Representation


This article is designed to help people understand why individuals seek legal aid in certain circumstances. It is also written to shine some light on the subject, so if you encounter a situation where you feel you might need help, you can be confident in hiring a solicitor to provide assistance.

Here are 4 of the most common reasons to employ a solicitor or lawyer.

  1. Property Issues

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, there are times when you simply won’t understand the legality of a contract and you’ll require professional assistance. The law surrounding property in the UK can be confusing, it continually changes and both landlords and tenants find it difficult to keep up.

For example, if you’re planning on transferring the ownership of your property to another individual but you’ve no idea how to approach the situation, you’ll require expert assistance. There are housing solicitors who specialise in property conveyancing in North East England who can offer expert advice on the subject, they can also help to draw up important documents relating to the transfer of ownership.

Property housing solicitors are vital for both tenants and home owners, they also help with problems such as tenancy disputes right through to evictions.

  1. Personal Injury

When you’ve suffered an injury that wasn’t your fault, it is time to contact a personal injury lawyer to help you claim for damages. If you need compensation for an incident that has occurred which someone else should be held liable for, there are plenty of lawyers who specialise in this field. Some of the most common claims you’ll encounter in the UK are:

  • Work related falls or slips where someone has gotten injured while on duty.
  • People falling in public areas and injuring themselves.
  • Drivers suffering whiplash when involved in motor vehicle accidents.
  1. Criminal Offence

One of the most common reasons people hire a solicitor or lawyer is to represent them during criminal proceedings. If you’ve been accused of a crime, it is vital that you immediately contact a skilled lawyer and seek representation. If it is a serious criminal offence and you’ve the option of using a state appointed attorney, it is better to hire a private solicitor for various reasons. A professional solicitor will help build a solid case and work at getting you the most desirable outcome.

  1. Family Issues

Many people seek legal advice when it comes to family related issues, this can be anything from divorce to child custody or adoption. Adoption is one of the most common reasons people seek solicitors, it is a sensitive matter than can sometimes be a long, drawn out process. To avoid this expert legal advice is recommended.

There is never a bad time to seek legal aid, if you’re unfamiliar with the law, like most of the public, you should hire a solicitor to provide assistance during complex legal matters. It is important to employ a legal consultant who is a specialist in their field, before hiring you should always inquire about their background credentials.